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‘My Craft My Pride’ isn’t just a statement. It’s a platform that celebrates the pride in unique craft in all its glory. It’s a reflection of the impeccable craft of the designers who, together with Blenders Pride, bring forth signature creations and styles.

Blenders Pride

Blenders Pride Limited Edition Pack

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A unique pack, a stunning collectible, and a piece of inspiration. The Blenders Pride Limited Edition Pack is a muse for our partnering designers. A piece created with great craftsmanship and offered with pride.

Master Craftsman Manish Malhotra

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Manish Malhotra
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Inspired from the skillfully crafted smooth blend, this limited edition pack adorns intricate patterns of my creations – the warm metallic accents and tones build a sense of glamour, celebration & lifestyle. A time-honed legacy built over 30 years, my craft embodies positivity with a larger than life appeal. True to my vision and spirited style, this pack is the quintessence of My craft, My Pride.

Designer: Manish Malhotra

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Manish Malhotra

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